COVID-19 Protocol

Your health and wellness is our priority. 

We have taken extra precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy.   

  1.  All surfaces will be sanitized between every client including door handles, massage supplies and any other surface that you may come in contact with.
  2. Our waiting room is closed at this time and our front door will be locked so please when you arrive call us and we will let you in to our office.
  3. Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out a simple health and we will take your temperature.
  4. Everyone will be required to wear a mask into our office and during your session we will wear a mask/face shield.
  5. If you have been exposed or have any symptoms please call and cancel your appointment.
  6. Every client is required to wash their hands before each session and we will also have sanitation centers available.
  7. At this time facial and head massages are prohibited.       

Thank you for cooperating with us during these uncertain times.  We truly appreciate your support and are honored that you have chosen our services to assist you in your journey of health and wellness.